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  Fixations industrielles SIMAF



Threaded inserts and standard threaded studs for heat insertion, moulding or cold insertion, in all types of plastics.

Download notice for SERPLAST

Advantages : offers a resistant tapped or threaded mounting, avoids stress in plastics, high resistance to tensile strength and tightening torque.

Dimensions : from M1.6 to M10 ex-stock, others dimensions under request.

 Insert TH type setting by heat, ultrasonic, moulding

 Insert THC type setting by heat or ultrasonic

 Insert TR type for thermoplastics setting by expansion

 Insert C type for duroplastics setting by expansion

 Insert CM type for duroplastics setting by expansion

 Insert DM type for duroplasctics setting by expansion

 Stud GTH, GTHC types for thermoplastics thermic and ultrasonic setting

 Insert douille taraudée chevron symétrique

 Insert douille taraudée simple chevron avec collerette

 Insert douille taraudée simple chevron sans collerette

 Insert douille taraudée double chevron avec collerette

 Insert douille taraudée double chevron sans collerette

Special products

  Insert 6 sides closed-end

 Cylindrical insert closed-end

Self tapping inserts for plastics and light alloy.

Advantages : easy and fast installation which leads to a strong thread resistant to high torque in light alloy.

Material : brass, steel zinc plated, steel case hardening, stainless steel.

Dimensions : from M2.5 to M8 ex-stock, other dimensions under request.

 Self-tapping insert

Special screw for plastics

Notice for Polyplast

Advantages : low torque drive to set but high pull out.

Material : steel, stainless steel.

Dimensions : All types of heads, diameters, lengths – enquiry under drawing.

 Self-tapping, drill screw

Others screws

 Self-tapping, Self drill Rolok screw

 Self-tapping, self drill Trilok screw (trilobular)

Setting tool

 Setting tool manual SER2004




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